Swimming Pool Mats

Swimming Pool Mats and Poolside Mats

Our swimming pool mat range offers a comprehensive selection of mats for swimming pools for use poolside. It is a fact that whilst an enjoyable environment, swimming pools can be dangerous and care must be taken to ensure the facility is made as safe as possible.

One of the most common causes of accidents in a swimming pools environment is slipping. Swimming pool mats provide anti-slip resistance and can assist in reducing poolside accident.

By allowing free drainage of water, a swimming pool mats top surface dries quickly maintaining an hygenic environment.  View Range…


Swimming Pool Mat Range

swimiing pool mat for poolside

We have a range of swimming pool mats and poolside matting designed to to suit most situations. This type of mat is frequently used in domestic situations as well as in leisure centres gyms, public swimming pools etc. Our Poolmats are also frequently used as Sauna mats and steam room mats. You can buy swimming pool mats on-line. View Range…


Benefits of a Swimming Pool Mat

As previously described one of the dangers faced when using a swimming pool is that of slipping on wet pool surrounds.  The proper use of a swimming pool mat or poolside mat as they are sometimes known will minimise the risk of slipping. Of course proper caution should be employed by users and children should always be supervised at all times when using a pool. Swimming pool anti slip mats help to reduce and prevent sluip accidents. Rubber matting for swimming pools is not really suitable, poolside matting tends to be manufactured from PVC which is much more hygienic. poolside rubber mats tend to accumulate algae and mould growth which is why PVC is used. View Range…


Swimming Pool Mat & Poolside Matting Advice

As specialists in the matting industry we are always on hand to offer our expert help and advice. We have many years experience supplying swimming pool mats and are always keen to offer advice to ensure that you choose the right poolside mat for your needs. Please contact us or click here to view our Swimming Pool Mat range to view all of our swimming pool mats for sale.