Swarf Mats

Swarf Mats

Swarf Mats are generally used as their name suggests for removing swarf from foot traffic. Swarf mats generally have a scraper action surface that assists with removing swarf Swarf Matsfrom shoes and boots. Swarf mats are generally made from nitrile rubber which make them grease resistant. View Range…


Where are Swarf Mats Used?

Swarf Mats also known as anti-swarf mats are used mainly in catering and food production.

Swarf mats are often used within food production facilities between workshops and food production areas to help prevent swarf from contaminating food production areas. they are also frequently used to prevent ingress of swarf and dirt into commercial kitchens


Types of Swarf Mat

Swarf Mats are generally available as either solid top swarf mats or open top swarf mats.

Whilst the solid top mats remove swarf and retain it on the mat, the open topped equivalent remove the swarf and allow it to fall through to the floor below. which to use is generally down to personal preference. The open top mats can be lifted to allow the swarf to be swept up from the floor below whilst the solid topped mats can be lifted and shaken to remove the swarf they have retained. Both types can be hosed off to clean.


Swarf Mat Advice

As matting specialists we are always happy to offer our help and advice, please contact us or click here to view our swarf mat range.