Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats are an excellent way to reduce worker fatigue. Sometimes referred to as Anti Stress Mats, anti fatigue mats provide a soft cushioned surface for workers to stand onanti fatigue mats. The benefits are many: insulation from cold floors, reduced pressure on feet, relief from aches and pains associated from standing for long periods on hard surfaces and improved worker comfort and productivity. Anti fatigue matting is available as individual mats, cut lengths and rolls. View Range…


Where to Use Anti Fatigue Mats

Anti Fatigue Mats are used in a variety of locations and most frequently anti fatigue matting is used in the workplace.. They are more often associated with use in production areas and warehouses but are now being used in a far greater variety of locations such as commercial kitchens, behind reception desks in hotels, behind shop counters and in hairdressers and barbers shops. They provide great benefit in any area where workers are standing for long periods. View Range…


Types of Anti Fatigue Mat

open top anti fatigue mat
Example of an Open Top Anti Fatigue Mat
Solid Top Anti fatigue Mat
Example of a Solid Top Anti Fatigue Mat

There are two main types of anti fatigue matting. Vinyl Sponge anti fatigue mats provide excellent anti fatigue
properties and are suitable for use in a variety of locations where the floor usually remains dry.

For wet areas, solid rubber anti fatigue mats should be used and in areas where oil is likely to be spilled nitrile rubber anti fatigue mats should be specified.

Also you can specify a solid top or open top anti fatigue mat. the solid top mats are generally easier to keep clean and can be swept off whereas the open top mats allow liquids and debris to fall through to the floor below maintaining a clean standing surface free of liquid spills and debris.  View Range…


 Anti Fatigue Mats – The Science

Scientific studies have confirmed that anti fatigue matting can increase worker comfort significantly where they are standing for long time periods and also assist in reducing worker fatigue.

Research has proved that by using an anti fatigue mat over an 8 hour period, tiredness is reduced and comfort is increased by as much as 50% when compared to standing on a hard floor surface. This can lead to improved worker concentration and even productivity.

Musculoskeletal Disorders are conditions that affect muscles, ligaments, nerves and other soft tissues in the body. Standing for long periods and repetitive work can cause problems in many parts of the human body but most often problems are noted in the lower limbs and back.

When standing the circulatory system is placed under pressure in particular the venous system (veins) making the heart work harder and this is most noted when standing still. This may cause a tendency to shift our weight from side to side which increases the energy exerted leading to fatigue.

There are many risks associated with standing for long periods especially on hard floor surfaces like those found in the majority of work places. These include damage to joints, swelling of the feet and legs, bunions, corns and tendonitis affecting the achilles tendon. When standing for a prolonged period blood can pool in the feet, varicose veins can also occur. Back, hip and neck pain are also common and elasticity in soft tissue can degenerate over time leading to rheumatic disease.Anti Fatigue Muscles Bones Info

Anti fatigue mats can help as they encourage micro foot movements even when standing still in one position as the feet subtly adapt to the cushioned surface of the mat, theses subtle movements help push the blood up to the heart which helps to improve circulation. This action naturally occurs when walking and an anti-fatigue mat helps to replicate this even when standing in static positions.

A number of studies have been carried out demonstrating the benefits of anti fatigue matting. A study by the Department of Human Science at Loughborough University compared standing on a hard floor surface with standing on anti fatigue matting over a 90 minute period. Subjective results showed significant benefits when standing on an anti fatigue mat compared to standing on a concrete floor especially to the legs and lower back. The experience of comfort were significant with users experiencing benefits in both postural and thermal comfort.

Market research has also been carried out with 34% percent of those responding having work colleagues who experienced back, leg or foot pain as a result of prolonged standing at work. Of the respondents who had invested in anti fatigue matting, 75% had found the mat to have had a positive impact to the well being of staff.


How does Anti fatigue Matting Help?

Anti fatigue matting helps to promote regular but subtle foot movement as feet naturally adapt to the cushioned surface. This action can really assist blood circulation and with it the level of oxygen reaching the heart. Anti fatigue mats provide a comfortable cushioned surface which insulates from the cold and can help to reduce worker discomfort and stress particularly in the lower and upper legs and lower back areas.


Further Advice about Anti Fatigue Mats

As anti fatigue matting specialists we are able to offer help and advice about selecting the correct anti fatigue mat for your requirements. Please click here to view our full range of anti fatigue mats or contact us for more information.


Anti Fatigue Mats Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of Anti Fatigue Mat?

This depends on what type of environment the anti fatigue mat is to be used in. Generally in dry areas a cellulose sponge anti fatigue mat is usually used whereas in a wet area a rubber anti fatigue mat would be used. In oily areas or areas where chemicals may come into contact with the mat, an anti fatigue mat made from a special rubber called nitrile would be the best option.

Can an anti fatigue mat really improve my employees productivity?

In studies it has been shown that because workers are more comfortable and less tired when working on an anti fatigue mat their work rate may increase.

I stand all day at work and my legs ache, can an anti fatigue mat help?

Anti-fatigue mats have been shown to help relieve aching legs and joints and also to increase circulation

I have a bad back, will an anti fatigue mat help?

If you are standing all day it can put pressure on your back, anti fatigue mats have been shown to help to relieve an aching back as a result of standing for long periods of time.

Where can I get more advice on which anti fatigue mat would be best for my requirements?

We would be delighted to assist you with your choice of anti fatigue mat. Please contact us.