Industrial Mats

Industrial Mats

The term ‘Industrial Mats’ describes a broad range of matting and includes anti fatigue mats, anti slip mats, swarf mats industrial kitchen mats and industrial door mats & entrance mats. Please

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industrial mats

Industrial Mats – Types

There are many types of industrial mats available and the type of industrial mat that you require depends on the type of usage and location that it is going to be used.

Anti Slip Mats

Many industrial mats are required to lay down on floors that become slippery when wet. These are known as anti slip mats. Rubber industrial mats are very suitable to solve this problem and provide anti slip properties helping to prevent slip accidents.

Anti Fatigue Mats

Another usage for industrial mats is to provide worker comfort. Our anti fatigue industrial mats are available for exactly this use and can help alleviate stress from standing on hard, cold surfaces. Anti fatigue mats can also improve worker performance.

Industrial Door Mats

Industrial mats are also used to prevent dust and dirt from spreading throughout a building and our range of industrial door mats solve this purpose. These industrial mats are not only used at the entrance to industrial premises to prevent dirt entering from outside, thay are also used at doorways between warehouses or factories and offices to prevent dirt from production areas from enetering the clean office environment.

Swarf Mats

Another type of industrial mat that helps prevent the movement of dirt and debris is a swarf mat. These mats are frequently used at the entrance to food production areas to prevent swarf from entering the area.